Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Today

Today I will take everything as it comes to me. I will be present, something I do not always do. My RA is flaring and I am trying a new approach after speaking with my Dr. Actually, I never speak to my Dr., not over the phone. Don't you like the leave a message and someone will get back to you? Then a nurse will call and document your symptoms for the Dr. and will get back to you in 24 hours. Okay.

My RA flare question. Can I get through this without prednisone? I was surprised at the answer, it was yes. So I can get through this like cleaning the house? I do not do that very well, but I will try it.

So today, I try to be present in the pain and listen to my body. I want my old body back please. Aging is one thing but the last 10 years have just been one thing after another. Stroke... healed sort of. RA...chronic. Cancer...benign. Depression... chronic. Depression is tougher with the RA.

What can I do different today?

I want to put together a Lego block something.

Something I said because I do not know what it will turn out to be.

Why use Legos? Well, they just snap together and voila… I don’t know, because I have them already, and life I want to be a snap.

I am really struggling with many issues and you know how people buy stars, bricks, and stuff to represent someone’s life or something. After a recent conversation where I was reminded, reminded, not the first time someone has to remind me because I have a very thick head, that you build a house one brick at a time. There is a foundation and mine is just not getting as far as I would like it to be. Therefore, every day I am going to place a Lego together and see what happens. I am going to let it represent the "Present" in my life. Maybe some days will get more than one Lego added. I hope so.

I think I will put one block for me and add a few more for all the special people in my life. Yeah, just a symbolic thing but who knows what it will be.

Thanks Dawn.